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  • Moxibustion is the burning of the herb mugwort or in the clinic smokeless moxa compounds to facilitate heating to stimulate the flow of qi and blood, nourish blood and maintain general health
  • Moxibustion produces a pleasant heating sensation that penetrates deeply into the skin
  • Moxibustion has successfully been used for many conditions; however its greatest documentation in western medicine is its effectiveness in turning breech babies



  • Cupping involves the application of plastic or glass cups to the skin with a vacuum created inside the cup to provide gentle suction. The stimulation of the skin and underlying muscles with cupping helps release muscular knots, tightness and contracture; release localised toxins; and encourages blood and lymph circulation
  • There are two main types of cupping therapy:
      • Sliding cupping where mild suction is used and cups are slid over lubricated skin.
      • Static cupping where cups are applied with mild to strong suction and left in the localised area
  • Many describe the sensation of cupping as deeply warming, softening and relaxing
  • After cupping you may have some temporary discoloration of your skin ranging in colour from pink to purple.  Since everyone’s condition and treatment response is unique to them the prominence of these marks is hard to predict. This discolouration is generally not painful and will fade in 2-10 days


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